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“Everyone is looking for better health along with more financial and time freedom; with Zija, you can have it all!”

Zija Mission Statement

Would you like to own your own business? Spend more time with family and friends? Stay healthy and active? Have more time to pursue your hobbies? Travel the world? Put yourself or your kids through college? Lose weight? Have more energy? Drive a Mercedes Benz? With Zija, you truly can live Life Unlimited!

Our turnkey business model, easy-to-use tools, unmatched support, and lucrative compensation plan make starting and building your own Zija business a reality. There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the health and wellness industry, which is the next trillion-dollar economic sector. This growth will create more millionaires than ever before over the next few years, many of them Zija Independent Distributors.

Your success is our goal, and now is the time to get started with Zija International. Use the ID: waynebaete   Enroll now.


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Zija International Opportunity Presentation


Some get involved with Zija International because of the Founders Mr. Ken Brailsford’s track record with building Billion dollar companies, for some it’s because of (Moringa Oleifera) the most nutrient rich botanical in the world, for some it’s because of our top world renowned food formulator Russ Bianchi, for some it’s to get their products free EVERY MONTH, for some it’s because of all the amazing testimonies, for some it’s the over 93% re-order rate month after month, for some it’s because of the 8+ different ways we get paid, for some it’s the up to 12 month money back guarantee*, for some it’s to get a free Mercedes Benz in their driveway, for some it’s to walk away from their corporate J.O.B., for some it’s the Time Freedom, for some it’s a valuable opportunity to build true Wealth and Financial Freedom, but for most it is ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

Change is Good “IF” it is a change to Zija International.

Get back to the person who directed you to this video to have all of your questions answered. Visit http://www.waynebaete@myzija.com  or call me directly at (501)291-1587. If you are ready for a change we are ready to assist you with that change!!